Blynzz Coffee Roasters, Beechworth, Victoria

A delicious, pure, silky and dark coffee swirls against white china. A rich and alluring aroma overwhelms your senses. Close your eyes, feel the warm steam and immerse yourself in the textures, aroma and complex flavours of the perfect roast and this could be the café experience you create for your customers. 

At Blynzz Coffee Roasters, we are totally serious about coffee excellence. Every green coffee bean is custom roasted by our professional coffee roasters to achieve the perfect balance of flavour, aroma, colour and texture. Share the passion, indulge in the ultimate award winning coffee experience with Blynzz Coffee Roasters. 

Delicious Coffee Roasted On-Site

At Blynzz Coffee roasters and café we store and roast our green coffee beans inside our shop. This means that we can offer our visitors the unique opportunity to experience the process of coffee roasting while enjoying their delicious coffee with a great meal. Four different coffee roasts are available via espresso. Alternatively, sit at the brew bar to try cold drip, pour-over or syphon coffee brewing techniques. All of the current 19 beans that we provide are predominantly from Africa and South America. All of the beans that we sell are freshly roasted and sold whole or ground to your needs. Orders can be made via our website or contact us for information on pricing.

Custom Roasting and Blending for Businesses

Blynzz Coffee Roasters was the first commercial coffee roaster in North East Victoria. We offer custom roasting and blending for businesses who wish to create their own signature flavor.

At Blynzz Coffee Roaster invite you to come on in and select a coffee for your cafe from an extensive list of single origins and blends. Blynzz Coffee Roaster has achieved success at both National and International Coffee Roasting Competitions. Blynzz Coffee Roasters has been awarded six times in the past four National Competitions including Bronze in Milk Class.

 So what are you waiting for? If you’re after a great cup of coffee that is roasted and blended to your specifications, then contact us today! 

Blynzz, serious coffee not snobbish
If you’re looking for some great coffee, then come and see us. You can call us today on 0412 690 478. Blynzz Coffee, serious coffee not snobbish.
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